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Apolinaras “Apollo” Sinkevicius

I am a startup COO, CFO, advisor, and passionate New England and Baltic ecosystem supporter. I have built 7 companies, both as a founder or one of the 1st 5 people, were either self/revenue-funded or venture-backed. I have taken companies from zero to B rounds, raised $30MM+.
Startup operations, finance, and talent management are my craft, my passion, and something I immensely enjoy. I have always been “the ops guy.”
I use my expertise in early and expansion stage operations to empower founders and the teams. I lead and teach by showing how to do it.

Startup Finance

Modeling, forecasting, venture financing and M&A due diligence prep 

Operations Scaling

Planning, strategy, execution oversight, analytics 

Talent Arbitrage

Full-cycle talent management strategy